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Music Education Services (MES) provides comprehensive band programs to elementary schools.  

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February, 2016

February is a month of preparation for all our band students! They are working hard on their solo pieces. They are also working on music for the next concert. Students are learning that music that may have appeared intimidating only a month ago is now coming together quickly.
With the upcoming events, there may be extra rehearsals scheduled. Communication is key and the students should have been, or soon will be, informed by their director of any schedule changes or added rehearsals. Please make sure you check with your child and look in their band folder. Also, many of our directors have this information on their webpage.
The upcoming Solo Festival and spring band concert are key learning experiences for your child. You should be very proud of your students and the work they are accomplishing in band. It is truly outstanding! Thank you again for your support.
Solo Festival registration forms must be returned to the MES office by February 5th!!! Forms were mailed the second week of January. We encourage all students to participate. If you would still like to benefit, it is not too late to sign up, but time is running out. If you have not yet returned your registration, please do so as soon as possible. You can also call our office at 847.805.1800. We would be happy to help you register and we can bill your account. Click here if you would like to review the location for your child's festival. 
Don't forget to use all of the available resources on our website! Solo recordings are available. If you are unable to find your child's recording, please contact your director, as they may have a recording in their personal collection. There is also a checklist to help students prepare for the day of the festival. 
With the upcoming Solo Festival, participants may have extra rehearsals scheduled. Students will be notified of these rehearsals by their director. Rehearsals are to help students iron out the last details of their solo and ask any last minute questions. Students will also have the opportunity to rehearse with their piano accompanist to practice playing with the piano confidently. Students should have completed learning all parts of their solo by the time they practice with the accompanist. 
Please note the time and location prior to the extra rehearsals. It is to your child's benefit to be early to allow them set-up time so they are prepared and can maximize every minute of their rehearsal. The director will closely follow the schedule to be respectful of everyone's time. Please be sure they are timely and prepared with their instrument, solo, and stand. If you have any questions, please contact your director. 
Stage Fright
Honors Band is an annual event hosted by Music Education Services, bringing students together to play challenging music. Two bands, a Symphonic Honors Band and a Concert Honors Band, will perform on April 30th, 2016 at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church. As the name implies, being selected to participate in Honors Band is truly an honor!  Students are chosen for both bands by their director through a selection process. Selected students will be notified by their director in the next few weeks. All students selected will participate in a full day event with various conductors, sectionals, and a final concert.
Selected students for both bands will receive information about additional rehearsals. It is imperative that students begin working on the music in their own time, so they are well prepared for rehearsal. The festival day will include sectionals, clinics, full band rehearsals and a final concert @ 3:30pm. It will be the most playing these children have ever done in one day. At the same time, it will be the largest group and the most rewarding day of music for all who participate. Honors Band will give students the idea of what it is like to be in a high school band program. 
Studying music strengthens students' academic performance. Studies have indicated that sequential, skill-building instruction in art and music integrated with the rest of the curriculum can greatly improve children's performance in reading and math. 

"Learning Improved by Arts Training," Martin Gardiner, Alan Fox, Faith Knowles, and Donna Jeffrey, Nature, May 23, 1996.
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